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Our clients have emotional, mental and/or physical conditions which prevent them for working. Being disabled and having Social Security write you a letter stating you can work is the saddest of all insults.

You would work if you could. You want to work. You have worked your entire adult life and now someone from Social Security denies your claim. When we work, we pay into Social Security. Social Security promises us we will receive the benefits we paid for when we become disabled. Disabled workers do not want handouts. They only want to receive what they are legally entitled to receive.

Our firm takes great pride in wining cases for people to receive what they were promised. Please call for a free, initial consultation. Within an hour, we will design a plan to give you the best approach to this most important legal situation.

Member of the NOSSCR

nosscr member
We are proud members of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives. Over the last three-plus decades, NOSSCR has stayed true to its mission of encouraging the highest quality representation and advocacy on behalf of persons seeking SSDI and SSI benefits.

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